Faith Based Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Intensive (CCI)

The Agape Center is a safe place where Christian couples can experience healing, strengthening and restoration of their marriage through Christ-centered intensive therapy.

Is your marriage in the emergency room of your life? Are you exhausted from all the turmoil and strife? Do you feel beaten-down, hopeless and alone?

You don’t have to feel alone anymore. We are here. We can help you create the marriage you have always longed for. Please don’t lose hope. Although you may not be able to see a happy result from where you are now, we have seen it.  There is hope – let us help you.

A Couples Counseling Intensive (CCI) is where couples in broken marriages can find hope, healing and restoration for their relationship. Couples are provided Christ-centered therapy in a private setting and are given uninterrupted time needed to work through difficult and painful issues.


                                             Marriage Rescue Retreats

3 Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat

Three day retreats are equal to four-and-a-half months of weekly counseling. These retreats are best for couples who may need some help, but there has been no talk of separation or divorce. Trust has not been broken. Conflicts are infrequent. Three days are right for couples who have an even commitment level to the relationship.

Cost: Please Call

4 Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat

Four-day retreats are equal to six months of weekly counseling. These are best for couples who have some form of broken trust or couples who have talked about separation or divorce. Some couples may already be separated or divorced. Couples may have an uneven commitment level to the marriage. Four days are best for couples who may have a larger accumulation of issues and of course when there has been infidelity.

Cost: Please Call

You will be staying walking distance from Seguin’s downtown historic district.