Online Alcohol & Drug Treatment DUI/DWI/Drug Offenders


Online Court Ordered DWI Programs

Our Alcohol and Drug Awareness Classes are affordable and convenient for all situations. We are ready to assist you in meeting your court, business, or personal alcohol education requirement needs. 

Topics may include:

- The Cause of Relapse

- Life & Addiction History

- Post Acute Withdraw

- Relapse Warning Signs

- Recognizing Troublesome Thinking Patterns

- Identifying Your Values

- Analyzing Behavior

- Uncovering Core Beliefs

Upon completing our class, you will be emailed  (at no extra charge) a completion certificate. This certificate will demonstrate that you’ve successfully completed a drug and alcohol awareness class. The certification will also provide the specific number of hours/sessions completed. DWI Awareness Classes

Court Ordered Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Those with their first DUI/DWI offense may avoid repeat offenses by getting professional treatment for substance use. The first step is a treatment assessment. An assessment determines the person’s background, history of substance use and the circumstances of the offense.

Assessment Factors: Assessment determines the frequency and intensity of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Other factors examined include coexisting mental health conditions, physical health, living situations, relationship issues, employment, finances and criminal history. An assessment determines if any of these factors means a higher risk for repeating offenses.

Treatment: Based on the assessment, court-mandated treatment for DUI offenders will vary regarding levels of care, frequency and length. Some offenders may require a brief course of treatment lasting a few sessions. Other DUI offenders may require multi-faceted programs lasting a few weeks to several months. Some offenders may need long-term inpatient rehab with aftercare.