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SASSI Evaluation & Counseling in Seguin

Alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, and addiction are all concerns that can be addressed with the help of a counselor. Our in-depth drug and alcohol assessments have also been used in state licensing concerns, DWI cases, child custody cases, and as supplements to legal preparations.

They include a thorough evaluation with questions covering a variety of concerns, such as:

• Continued drug use despite consequences
• Inability to control substance use
• Neglecting work and/or social responsibilities
• Unsuccessful efforts to stop or cut down on drug or alcohol use
• Withdrawal symptoms

Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory – SASSI-4  identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders and includes a prescription drug scale that identifies individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications. It also provides a measure of profile validity and clinical insight into level of defensiveness and willingness to acknowledge experienced consequences of substance use disorder

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